Webinar Recording: Revenue Cycle Management: Before and During the Client Visit

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Resource Description: 

Intended Audience:

Title X Grantee and sub-recipient staff who would like to implement a structure for managing revenue that will contribute to long-term sustainablility of their clinic.

Webinar description:

According to forecasts from the Congressional Budget Office, sweeping changes resulting from Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation will result in 24 million newly insured Americans by 2016. To continue serving existing clients who are newly insured, Title X agencies must have the capacity to navigate the third-party payer system to successfully bill and receive payment. Effective Revenue Cycle Management, the process of managing payment from the time an appointment is scheduled, to the day reimbursement is received, will be essential for Title X agencies to develop a strategy for long-term sustainability.

This three-part webinar series provides participants with the necessary tools to manage their agencies’ revenue cycles.  The webinar series breaks the revenue cycle into three phases: 

-Webinar 1: “Revenue Cycle Management: Before and During the Client Visit” identifies the key components of the revenue cycle management process that should take place before a client’s appointment and when the client arrives. 

-Webinar 2: “Revenue Cycle Management: After the Client Visit” provides a framework for the billing and collections process that takes place after the client is seen. 

-Webinar 3: “Revenue Cycle Management: Contracting with Payers” guides participants through the process of negotiating fee schedules and executing contracts with third-party payers.

Presented by:

Lou Ann Wilroy 

Lou Ann Wilroy serves as a Business Strategies Consultant for RT Welter and Associates, a healthcare consulting firm based in Denver, CO.  Ms. Wilroy works with hospitals, clinics, public health agencies, and non-profit organizations and focuses primarily on sustainability of the saftey net.  Ms. Wilroy has previously held various leadership positions in managed care organizations, hospitals and healthcare systems, specializing in improving efficiencies by implementing health information technology, redesigning staffing and departmental structures, and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies. 

Rian Frachele

Rian Frachele has over 22 years of experience working in public health programs with a specific focus on Medicaid.  Ms. Frachele directed the Title X grant for the state of Oregon.  She also led the development of the state’s Medicaid family planning waiver for over seven years.  Since 2012, Ms. Frachele has been providing health care transformation consultation services to the Office of Population Affairs as well as two Planned Parenthood affiliates with service sites in Oregon and Washington.



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