Training Tools - Explaining Contraception

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Resource Description: 

The contraceptive job aids - Explaining Contraception - are training tools designed for professionals to help increase their basic knowledge about birth control options when working with their clients. These job aids provide a brief overview for each of the full range of contraceptive methods available. This overview format includes the following:

  • How the method works
  • How to use the method
  • Effectiveness (Risk of pregnancy)
  • Other considerations for each method
  • Issues to explore with clients for each method
  • Key reminders for clients for each method

These training tools are not intended to offer full informed consent information for patients who are given prescription contraceptive methods.

The Birth Control Method Options chart is a one page (8-1/2"x14") printable tool that is an easy to use table that presents all the available contraceptive options. This chart also briefly outlines various characteristics clients may consider when choosing a method that is currently right for them.

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