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Sexual Health Assessment—“Five Ps”

Job Aid

The QFP advises family planning providers to consider the need for STD services for all clients, including those without an STD-related “reason for the visit.” The attached tools offer...

Strategies for Effective Education

Job Aid

This resource summarizes the strategies for providing education to clients described in Appendix E of Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office...

OARS Model—Essential Communication Skills

Job Aid

OARS is a simple but comprehensive model of communication that provides a framework for improving communication and counseling skills. It is a client-centered model of key skills that will...

Contraceptive Counseling Process Guide

Job Aid

Adapted from the five quality counseling principles described in Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and OPA (QFP), the Contraceptive Counseling Process Guide...

Principles for Providing Quality Counseling

Publication/Fact Sheet

Resource Description: This resource describes the five “principles for providing quality counseling” identified in Appendix C of Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations...

Birth Control Method Options Chart

Job Aid

Available in English and Spanish The Birth Control Method Options chart is a one page (8-1/2"x14") printable tool that presents a table of all the available contraceptive options. This...

Encouraging Family Participation in Adolescent Decision Making


-What does the Title X Statute Sec. 1001 and the Legislative Mandate require in terms of encouraging family participation in adolescent decision making? -How should these requirements be...

Maximizing Third Party Reimbursement for HIV Testing: Integrating HIV Screening Into Title X Services


Introduction The guide walks users through a process for identifying the top 10 payers (i.e., health insurance plans) for a given state or area, and gathering key information from each that...

Guidance for Delivering HIV Pre-Test and Post-Test Results: Integrating HIV Screening Into Title X Services

Publication/Fact Sheet

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends HIV screening for clients aged 13-64 years in all health-care settings. The recommendations promote routine voluntary HIV...

Zika Toolkit: Expanding Access to Quality Family Planning and Zika-related Care

Event Archive

  Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers: For the updated version of the Zika Toolkit, click here.   About the Webinar: Zika virus—which can be acquired by mosquitoes in some areas or from...