Family Planning and Related Preventive Health Services Checklists for Women and Men

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Resource Description: 

The screening components for each family planning and related preventive health service are provided in summary
checklists for women and men.The summary checklists describe multiple screening steps, which refer to the following: 1) the process of asking questions about a client’s history, including a determination of whether risk factors for a disease or health condition exist; 2) performing a physical exam; and 3) performing laboratory tests in at-risk asymptomatic persons to help detect the presence of a specific disease, infection, or condition. Many screening recommendations apply only to certain subpopulations (e.g., specific age groups, persons who engage in specific risk behaviors or who have specific health conditions), or some screening recommendations apply to a particular frequency (e.g., a cervical cancer screening is generally recommended every 3 years rather than annually). 


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