Encouraging Family Participation in Adolescent Decision Making

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Resource Description: 

-What does the Title X Statute Sec. 1001 and the Legislative Mandate require in terms of encouraging family participation in adolescent decision making?

-How should these requirements be reflected in contraceptive counseling and other aspects of service delivery?

Use this slide presentation, complete with notes for the presenter, to train service delivery staff about the requirements for encouraging family participation in adolescent decision making. The presentation is intended for administrative, clinical, and other staff that provide family planning services. You can present these slides during a face-to-face training or staff meeting, and then further discuss the topic during or after the presentation. Staff may also read the pdf version, and later discuss the requirements with a supervisor for more individualized instruction.

Learning Objectives

-Discuss the Title X requirement to provide counseling that encourages family participation in the decision of minors to seek family planning services.

-Describe available professional resources on how to promote communication strategies between an adolescent and parent or guardian.



CE Offered: