Contraceptive Access Change Package

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Resource Description: 

The Contraceptive Access Change Package is a quality improvement tool designed to support Title X grantees’ performance improvement on the following two NQF-endorsed contraceptive care measures:

  • Most and moderately effective methods: Percentage of women aged 15-44 years at risk of unintended pregnancy that is provided a most effective (i.e., male or female sterilization, implants, intrauterine devices or systems [IUD/IUS]) or moderately effective (i.e., injectables, oral pills, patch, ring or diaphragm) method of contraception.
  • Access to LARC: Percentage of women aged 15-44 years at risk of unintended pregnancy that is provided a long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) method, i.e., implants, intrauterine devices or systems (IUD/IUS).

Specifically, the document includes a rationale, improvement strategies, and Title X success stories for each of the four best practices listed below:

  • Best Practice 1. Stock a broad range of contraceptive methods including all provider-dependent FDA-approved contraceptive methods.
  • Best Practice 2. Discuss pregnancy intention and support patients through evidence-informed, patient-centered counseling that enables them to choose from the full range of contraceptive methods if they do not desire pregnancy presently.
  • Best Practice 3. Develop systems for same-visit provision of all contraceptive methods, at all visit types. Enable all patients, including women who choose LARCs, to leave their visit with their selected contraceptive method, if desired.
  • Best Practice 4. Utilize diverse payment options to reduce cost as a barrier for the facility and the patient. Inform patients about self-pay, sliding fee schedules, and insurance enrollment options. Ensure access to services regardless of ability to pay.

The Contraceptive Access Change Package was used to guide quality improvement efforts with 12 TItle X agencies in 2016 as part of the Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative.



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