Learn about Zika virus outbreaks and the increasing body of evidence about the link between Zika virus and Microcephaly. These resources will keep you updated on the latest findings of the transmission and prevention.

In addition, we invite you all to sign-up for our Zika Virus Community of Practice (CoP). In this CoP, we offer a forum for providers of family planning services to share information, tools, and practices or to ask questions and discuss strategies to meet the needs of both pregnant and non-pregnant women and men of reproductive age.

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Zika Toolkit: Expanding Access to Quality Family Planning and Zika-related Care

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  Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers: For the updated version of the Zika Toolkit, click here.   About the Webinar: Zika virus—which can be acquired by mosquitoes in some areas or from...

Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers, Version 3: Providing Family Planning Care for Non-Pregnant Women and Men of Reproductive Age in the Context of Zika


UPDATED Zika Tookit Now Available! With new information about Zika, the updated Zika Toolkit for Healthcare Providers, Version 3 reflects the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC...