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Chlamydia Screening Performance Measure Specifications (NCQA)

Publication/Fact Sheet

Inclusion and exclusion criteria and data collection methods developed by National Committee for Quality Assurance.

Chlamydia Screening Performance Measure Calculator

Job Aid

This calculator will help you to calculate the chlamydia screening HEDIS measure developed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) using FPAR Table 1 and Table 11.  Chlamydia...

Contraceptive Care Performance Measure Calculator


  This calculator will help you to calculate the NQF-endorsed contraceptive care performance measures for most and moderately effective methods and LARC methods using Family Planning Annual...

Contraceptive Care Performance Measures Specifications

Job Aid

A short guide to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, data collection methods, and FPAR variables used to analyze the NQF-endorsed Contraceptive Care perofmrance measures for most and...

Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative Results & Change Package

Event Archive

Join us for a webinar on the Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative (PMLC). Learn how 12 Title X grantee/service site teams increased access to contraception using Plan-Do-Study-Act...

Contraceptive Access Quality Improvement Plan

Job Aid

Use this tool to guide your quality improvement efforts to increase access to contraception. The plan was developed for the Performance Measurement Learning Collaborative but could be...

Introduction to the Clinic Efficiency Dashboard

Event Archive

Do your patients comment about long wait times during their visits? Does your clinic often feel hectic? Are there times when some staff can't keep up with clinic operations while others...

Using Data to Increase Clinic Efficiency: A Quality Improvement Guide


This guide is designed to facilitate efforts for areas needing improvement, as indicated by data in the Clinic Efficiency Dashboard. It outlines key clinic efficiency indicators (related to...

Clinic Efficiency Data Guide


The Clinic Efficiency Data Guide provides information on how to collect, enter, and analyze clinic efficiency data using the Clinic Efficiency Dashboard. The companion resources, Using Data...

Clinic Efficiency Dashboard

Data Dashboard

The Clinic Efficiency Dashboard is designed to help family planning clinic managers and staff to assess and monitor their productivity, clinic flow, and patient experience over time. The...