QFP Recommendations

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Regional Town Halls on Title X Guidelines


This series of mp3 recordings from the web-based regional town halls showcase the discussion between the Title X community and OPA and CDC staff about the new program guidelines - Quality...

Family Planning Checklist for Women and Men

Family Planning and Related Preventive Health Services Checklists for Women and Men

Job Aid

The screening components for each family planning and related preventive health service are provided in summary checklists for women and men.The summary checklists describe multiple...

Clinical Pathway for Family Planning Services for Women and Men

Clinical Pathway for Family Planning Services

Job Aid

An easy-to-read clinical pathway chart for family planning services for women and men of reproductive age

QFP One Page Fact Sheet

QFP at a Glance

Publication/Fact Sheet

This one-page fact sheet gives an overview of the new QFP recommendations to improve family planning services nationwide. 

MMWR Providing Quality Family Planning Services

Providing Quality Family Planning Services

Publication/Fact Sheet

This report provides recommendations developed collaboratively by CDC and the Office of Population Affairs (OPA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The...