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Implementing Male Health Services: Highlighted Resources

Publication/Fact Sheet

Interested in providing quality health services to more men? While all men of reproductive age are very much in need of sexual and reproductive health services, just 9% (364,661) of all...

Introducing Reproductive Health Services to Male Clients


While men have an important role to play in planning families and preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections, clinic staff are sometimes unsure of how to bring up...

Using in-reach and outreach to effectively promote male services


Are you looking for innovative ways to bring new male patients into your health centers? Listen to the Implementing Male Health Services Community of Practice’s podcast on using in-reach...

Tips for Training on Providing Male Services


Does your staff have the training they need to give male patients quality reproductive health services? Listen to the Implementing Male Health Services Community of Practice’s podcast on...

Getting Ready for Male Reproductive Health Services Toolkit


Despite significant improvements in recent years, the disparity between family planning/reproductive health services for women and for men is still quite striking. Experience has taught us...

Caring for Adolescent and Young Adult Males: Tools for Clinicians

Event Archive

Website Click here to view the recorded webinar About this Webinar Traditional clinical practice in the area of reproductive health has focused on women and their reproductive health needs...

Preventive Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Recommendations for Males: Pulling It Together for Clinical Practice

Event Archive

You may also be interested in our other October webinar on male services on Thursday, October 16, 2014. Click here for information: Caring for Adolescent & Young Adult Males: Tools for...

Preventive Male Sexual and Reproductive Health Care- Recommendations for Clinical Practice

Publication/Fact Sheet

The goal of these recommendations is to describe best practices for the organization and delivery of preventive clinical sexual and reproductive health services for reproductive-aged males...