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Financial Dashboard

Data Dashboard

The Financial Dashboard Tool enables grant directors to monitor the financial health of their Title X networks. The Excel format of the dashboard ensures usability for a broad range of...

Support for the Road Ahead: The Family Planning National Training Center

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In this webinar, hosted January 10, 2017, learn about recent changes to the Family Planning National Training Center (FPNTC) and how it will support you in the year ahead. Meet FPNTC staff...

Coding with Ann: A Podcast on ICD-10-CM Codes


Did you know that ICD-10-CM codes for some contraception services changed effective October 1, 2016? Ann Finn will host new podcasts that focus on diagnosis codes, new codes and how to...

Clinic Efficiency Data Guide


The Clinic Efficiency Data Guide provides information on how to collect, enter, and analyze clinic efficiency data using the Clinic Efficiency Dashboard. The companion resources, Using Data...

Clinic Efficiency Dashboard

Data Dashboard

The Clinic Efficiency Dashboard is designed to help family planning clinic managers and staff to assess and monitor their productivity, clinic flow, and patient experience over time. The...

Reducing Patient Wait Time


Watch this four minute video to learn how to apply the principles of Lean process improvement to reduce patient wait time.

Patient Visit Tracking Sheet

Job Aid

  Related Material: Clinic Efficiency Data Guide Clinic Efficiency Dashboard Using Data to Increase Clinic Efficiency: A Quality Improvement Guide  

Text Reminder Consent Form

Job Aid

Consent form for patients to receive appointment reminders by text message Related Material:  Patient Experience Improvement Toolkit

PDSA Worksheet

Job Aid

PDSA: Aim Statement, Plan, Do, Study, Act   Related Materials: Module 2:  Quality Improvement Methodologies: Using the Model for Improvement Prioritization Matrix The Five Whys Worksheet...

Spaghetti Diagram Worksheet

Job Aid

A spaghetti diagram is a visual representation showing a continuous fl ow line that traces the path of an item or individual through a process. Related Materials: Module 2:  Quality...