Title X Program Guidelines

The Title X Guidelines are based on Title X Statutes and Regulations and comprise two parts:

1) Program Requirements for Title X Funded Family Planning Projects

  • Requirements applicable to the Title X program, as set out in the Title X statute and implementing regulations (42 CFR part 59, subpart A), and in other applicable Federal statutes, regulations, and policies
  • The Program requirements describe that Title X programs are also subject to Legislative Mandates, which have historically been part of Title X appropriations language

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2) Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs (QFP)

  • Recommendations on how to provide quality services related to assisting individuals and families in achieving the desired number and spacing of healthy children. Core family planning services include a range of services related to preventing and achieving pregnancy, including contraception, pregnancy testing and counseling, services to achieve pregnancy, infertility services, preconception health, and sexually transmitted disease services.

Title X program guidelinesThese two parts form the basis for Office of Population Affairs (OPA) expectations and monitoring of Title X programs and services. OPA uses the Program Review Tool to assess grantees’ implementation of both the Program Requirements and the QFP Recommendations.

Each year, Title X Program Priorities help shape grantee program plans. Although not a formal part of Title X requirements, these priorities reflect overall Title X program goals and are aligned with other federal initiatives.

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1) Resources Related to Title X Program Requirements

General Title X Program Requirements

Section 8: Project Management and Administration (8.4. Charges, Billing, and Collections)

General Revenue Cycle Management

Cost Analysis

Sliding Fee Scale

Insurance Enrollment


Section 9: Project Services and Clients

Pregnancy Diagnosis and Counseling

Legislative Mandates

Section 10: Confidentiality

2) Resources Related to the QFP

General QFP support

Contraceptive Services

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling

Clients Who Want to Become Pregnant

Basic Infertility Services

Preconception Health Services

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Services

Related Preventive Health Services

Conducting Quality Improvement