Get Involved with the FPNTC

Are you motivated to make a difference in family planning in the US? Title X grantee engagement is essential to the FPNTC, which is engaging grantees in two ways:

  • The Leadership Council will help shape FPNTC activities and priorities. It will include grantees, OPA staff, and national family planning partners.
  • The seven Strategic Area Teams (SATs) will identify improvement strategies and measures in each of the Title X strategic areas. SATs will include grantees, topical experts, and OPA staff.

Applications are open now for the following opportunities!

FPNTC Leadership Council

The FPNTC recognizes the central role grantees play in supporting sub-recipients, service sites and their providers within each grantee network. Grantees are invited to help the FPNTC strengthen family planning in the U.S. and help shape our efforts by joining the FPNTC Leadership Council.

Strategic Area Teams (SATs)

The FPNTC is developing a framework for providing support to the Title X network based on the WHO Health Systems Six Building Blocks. OPA adapted this into seven strategic areas of focus for Title X:

(1) Leadership and Management
(2) Training & Education
(3) Health Information Technology Infrastructure
(4) Standards and Quality
(5) Financial Sustainability
(6) Medical Products
(7) Knowledge Management

For each strategic area, the SATs will contribute to the development of:
•    A framework and definition for each strategic area in the context of Title X;
•    Strategies for improvement and improvement goals;
•    Competencies, measures, and training; and
•    Processes to support the implementation of improvements for each strategic area within their grantee organizations and their networks.

The SATs will be comprised of representatives from Title X grantees, OPA, and the FPTNC.

Join the Financial Sustainability Strategic Area Team

Are you a Title X grantee with strong financial expertise? If so, we invite you to apply for the Financial Sustainability Strategic Area Team (FS-SAT)! The FPNTC is developing a training and implementation support plan to address financial sustainability. The FS-SAT will define components of sustainability for the FPNTC to use as a basis for developing additional resources. The FS-SAT is essential to the FPNTC’s current efforts on supporting financial sustainability in the Title X network. 

Join the Knowledge Management Strategic Area Team

Knowledge management is the practice of enabling groups to collectively and methodically capture, create, share, and apply knowledge to better achieve their objectives (Girard & Girard, 2015(link is external)). The Knowledge Management Strategic Area Team (KM-SAT) will drive FPNTC activities in Title X’s knowledge management strategic area. Initially, this group will be instrumental to providing input on the redesign of the website and FPNTC communication strategies. The group will serve as a sounding board for FPNTC knowledge management strategies and efforts to improve awareness of and engagement with FPNTC-developed materials in the Title X community and beyond.