Financial Sustainability Strategic Area Team

The Family Planning National Training Center (FPNTC) is seeking applications from Title X grantees interested in becoming members of its Financial Sustainability Strategic Area Team (FS-SAT).

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Applications are due March 14 at 11:59 PM ET


The FPNTC, a partnership between JSI Research and Training Center, Inc. (JSI) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), is developing a framework for providing support to the Title X network. The framework is based on the WHO Health Systems Six Building Blocks, which OPA adapted into seven strategic areas of focus for Title X:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Health Workforce
  • Health Information/EHR
  • Knowledge Management System 
  • Standards and Quality
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Contraceptives and Medical Supplies 

Feedback from grantees resulted in the identification of financial sustainability as a priority area. Broadly speaking, financial sustainability is defined in terms of financial capacity and the extent to which the organization is flexible in allocating finances in response to shocks (Bowman, 2011). As such, financial sustainability refers to maintaining financial capacity over time. For a Title X grantee, financial sustainability includes many components some of which are: 

  • Understanding the grantee network’s financial health and creating a plan to sustain it; 
  • Diversifying revenue sources; 
  • Developing sound financial management practices in the grantee’s network, such as ensuring timely billing and collections, regular review of financial metrics, or enrolling clients in health insurance programs; and
  • Strengthening income generation efforts, such as through partnerships with primary care, offering value-added services, and outreach to new client populations. 

FS-SAT Mission and Goals

The mission of the FS-SAT is to explore how strategies to improve financial sustainability can be best applied to the Title X context i.e., how will Title X maintain, or expand family planning services while developing resilience to occasional economic shocks in the short and long term (e.g., short-term loss of program funds, availability of and variability in private funding, change in demand level due to changes in delivery systems and insurance coverage). 

The FS-SAT members will contribute to the development of:
•    A framework and definition for financial sustainability in the context of Title X;
•    Strategies for improvement and improvement goals for financial sustainability;
•    Competencies, measures, and training for financial sustainability; and
•    Processes to support the implementation of improvements in financial sustainability, including supporting organizational change within their grantee organizations and their networks.

FS-SAT Membership

The FS-SAT will be comprised of representatives from Title X grantees, OPA, the FPTNC, and experts in finance. Grantee members will be selected based on:
•    Leadership in healthcare finance (e.g. CFO, financial director, etc.)
•    Willingness to invest the time and necessary resources (travel for grantees will be supported by the FPNTC) to participate
•    Agency type
•    Geographic representation

Expected Benefits

Grantees will assist in defining financial sustainability, including how it is measured and supported in Title X.  In addition, grantees will increase their knowledge and skills in health systems improvement specific to financial sustainability, as well as increase their knowledge and skills in implementation and improvement sciences. They will also have the opportunity for networking and learning from their peers. 

Expected Commitment

Members will serve for a two year term with more frequent meetings occurring the first six-months. Specifically, grantee members are expected to attend one face-to-face, two-day meeting in May, and four virtual meetings lasting two-hours each in April, June, and July. Additional face-to-face meetings will be determined on an as needed basis by the FS-SAT team.


Review a PDF of the application

Applications are due March 14 at 11:59 PM ET