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CoPs foster peer-to-peer collaboration within specific areas of focus. We encourage you to ask questions, discuss best practices, and share your experiences. You will also find opportunities to expand your professional skills and knowledge through expert input, webinars, and other educational resources.

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Moderator: Katie DeAngelis | Members: 23

Contraceptive Access
Access to contraception is a key component for women to make personal decisions about her own life, including when or if she wants to become pregnant, and to choose if and when she wants a family. The Contraceptive Access Community of Practice is an online resource and discussion forum to share ideas, tools, and resources for breaking down the barriers to accessing the full range of contraceptive options. 


Moderator: Denise Raybon | Members: 100

Providers of family planning services play an important role in helping mitigate the impact of the Zika Virus.  This CoP offers a forum to share information, tools, and practices or to ask questions and discuss strategies to meet the needs of both pregnant and non-pregnant women and men of reproductive age.


Moderator: Ann Loeffler | Members: 186

Health Information Technology Graphic

On which side of the health care digital divide are you?  Health Information Technology (HIT) is dramatically changing the health care landscape and impacting the Title X network. Your ability to access and share digital patient information is essential for your program's sustainability and for leveraging partnerships with funders, payers, and patients alike. Use this community to your advantage by posting questions, comments, and resources.


Moderator: Nancy Miller | Members: 150

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) reduced barriers to accessing health insurance programs for many of the key populations that Title X clinics serve. Though legislation has paved the way for healthcare coverage, many Title X clients and potential clients remain uninsured and require assistance to identify and enroll in appropriate health care plans.


Moderator: Jennifer Kawatu | Members: 229

Quality improvement (QI) is an important component of the new Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations from CDC and OPA. The QI Community of Practice provides a space for staff of Title X-funded agencies to engage in online discussions with their peers to share QI strategies, challenges, and successes. The COP will feature helpful resources and expert consultation on specific QI topics to help agencies initiate, implement, and sustain improvement efforts.


Moderator: Lori Weber | Members: 295

Males have an important role to play in the planning of families and preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections – adherence to contraceptive methods increases when both partners are involved.  The Implementing Male Services Community of Practice will provide a forum to support Title X clinic administrators and others in their efforts to improve and increase male services.


Moderator: Caitlin Hungate | Members: 282

Looking for resources to support your sustainability?  This CoP houses resources for the Title X community as you navigate the changing health care environment.